Alex Crane

Where do you live?

When did you start your brand? How did it start?
Kicked it off about 6 months ago. I worked at Jack Spade as a bag
designer for a few years and, after a while, I worked up the nerve to
strike out on my own. I wanted to build something from the ground
up, to see it take shape.

How did you decide to turn your skills into a 'real' job? Do you work on the

I think work and play are the really the same. I’ve always loved
making things. When I was a kid, I’d play with different materials
and get to know them (duct tape, leather, ink, etc.). And I never had
any intention of selling anything. I wasn’t even fully aware that a
“designer” was a profession until I was in my early twenties. But,
once I figured it out, I was all in.

What makes you happiest about what you do?                                              Two things: 1) dreaming up ideas and 2) working with local manufacturers.

Whats the hardest part about what you do?                                               Spreadsheets

Where do you hope to see your brand in 5 years?
A few dreams:
I want to have a handful of retail shops around the country
I want to partner with my manufacturers and help them grow
their business.
I want to be a part of a community of folks who make
something from nothing.

Whats product that you make is your favorite?
These days, the lines playa shirt.

What do you like to listen to while you work?
Sonny + the Sunsets, Jeff Buckley, Cass McCombs, the Boss, Vetiver.

Where can we buy your stuff! Do you have a favorite shop?
First collection hits stores SS16. So, you’ll find me in LA, SF,
Seattle, New Orleans, New York and Tokyo. I love Glasswing.

What about Desert & Denim are you looking forward to most?
The desert in February. Hanging with the homies.

Do you have any advice for someone who wants to start their own business?
Make lists, lots of lists. Make friends. Make time to sit quietly.

Final thoughts?
Hasta pronto.

Alex Crane