Gnome Life

Gnome Life Records

Fletcher Tucker

Where do you live? 
Big Sur, California

When did you start your brand? How did it start?
In 2005 I received an art fellowship from the University of California at Santa Cruz. For the show associated with the fellowship I created  work entirely out of found and stolen (i.e. free) materials. Coincidentally I’d just finished recording an album and so had two other friends, so I decided to spend the fellowship money releasing a few records and to create all of the packaging by hand, by myself.

How did you decide to turn your skills into a 'real' job? Do you work on the side? 
Gnome Life grows naturally as the albums make their way through the world, and as I make my way through the world, forming connections and relationships with musicians and other creatives. As the web of relationships grows I hear more and more music that deserves a beautiful release, therefore each year I release more music, and the diversity of the creative ecosystem (the label) expands in the process, making more room for further exploration and future releases.

What makes you happiest about what you do?
Creating a package or packaging for an LP or cassette that feels totally integrated with the music on the record or tape. Finding the essential visual components that resonate so strongly with the music that they open the channel a little wider so that the songs can be received more completely.  

Whats the hardest part about what you do? 

Where do you hope to see your brand in 5 years? 
Souring through the collective unconscious of many expanding minds. Among the astral-tomes in the Akashic Records. 

Whats product that you make is your favorite? 
I love the very small vinyl editions that have totally hand-made packaging. 

What do you like to listen to while you work? 
New and upcoming releases, comedy podcasts, episodes of Star Trek.

Where can we buy your stuff! Do you have a favorite shop? 
Most record shops and a few very fine life-style type shops… my favorite being General Store in the Sunset of San Francisco.

What about Desert & Denim are you looking forward to most?
Seeing what everyone’s dreamed up. 

Do you have any advice for someone who wants to start their own business? 
If you are driven to make something, make it amazing. Put your entire self into what you make, all of you, and make something with vision, depth, dignity, and purpose… anything short of that is just wasteful.

Gnome Life Records
Photos by Daniel Dent