Red Clouds Collective



Where do you live?
Portland, Oregon USA

When did you start your brand? How did it start?
Red Clouds Collective was started in autumn of 2011 with idea of creating a brand with products inspired out of necessity.

How did you decide to turn your skills into a 'real' job? Do you work on the side?
It turned into a 'real' job the second we were too busy to do anything else. We have been working very hard to bring quality and useful products to people who understand what that takes. We couldn't be more thankful to go to work everyday and call what we do a 'real' job.

What makes you happiest about what you do?
The happiest part of my day is getting to spend it with amazing friends that know how to work hard and play hard. Listening to music and making these products is so rewarding everyday. We really try to present the best design and functions possible with the best materials. It makes us all so happy to see our products being used by people all over the world, that is such a great feeling!

Whats the hardest part about what you do?
Having enough time for everything.

Where do you hope to see your brand in 5 years?
We would love to have a storefront in Portland and have our manufacturing facility outside of town with some land to play around on.

What product that you make is your favorite?
The Landseer Tool Roll.

What do you like to listen to while you work?
The Beatles, Michael Hurley, Sinkane, The Velvet Underground, Doug Martsch, Entrance, Foxygen, Harry Nilsson, John Fahey, Kurt Vile, Lonnie Johnson, Merle Haggard, Roy Orbison, The Stones, War on Drugs, Graveyard, Neil Young and the podcast called Chances with Wolves.

Where can we buy your stuff! Do you have a favorite shop?
Our products are sold in a bunch of amazing stores across the US, Europe and Japan and we love all of the stores who carry our stuff!

What about Desert & Denim are you looking forward to most?
The experience to share a good time with like minded brands and people.

Do you have any advice for someone who wants to start their own business?
Do it with every ounce of energy and passion that you have.

Final thoughts?
Don't forget to take a step back and look around.